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Course Outline
HTML is a popular programming language.It is the basic language to create the website.and just about everybody in the web design and development world is familar with it. As a result it can be easy to hire an outside creator to roll out little improvements to your site in the event that it has been made utilizing HTML.
CSS can be utilized to make amazing websites with proper allignment. It is also important to function the site with cross browser compatability. This course will help you to understand all the css concepts. We make sure that the trainee will be able to develop their own website creation by the end of this course. The course curriculum is designed by the experts of industry to meet current requirements.

At end of this HTML5 & CSS3 training by GangBoard you will be able to,
  • Have the capacity to use fundamental document structure for HTML 4.01, XHTML, and HTML5
  • Articulate the areas of a HTML document
  • Use tab for fundamental text markup
  • Use Cascading Stylesheet Language to indicate content look and feel
  • Make ordered and unordered lists
  • Create inner and outer hyperlinks and change hyperlink appearance with CSS
  • Place sound and video content in a document utilizing HTML5
  • Make intelligent forms to gather user data
  • Understand divs and spans
  • Make a multi-column page design and a box model format utilizing CSS
We Expecting Our Students to have a Good Concentration and Grasping power. Then the Educational Eligibility for the HTML & CSS training in PTC Vesta are given below:

  • Any Graduate / Diploma / ITI / Undergraduates / College students /Engineers & Working professionals with coding background.
  • Should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and how the web works.
  • Basic knowledge of OOP and related programming concepts.
Overview of HTML
  • Overview of HTML
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Creating an HTML Document
Formatting text with HTML
  • Paragraph Formatting with HTML
  • Character Formatting with HTML
  • Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting
Adding local and remote links
  • Adding Local and Remote Links
  • Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag
Adding graphics
  • Linking and Embedding Graphics
Creating lists in HTML
  • Creating Lists and Nested Lists
Creating tables in HTML
  • Creating and Modifying Tables
  • Creating Advanced Table Elements
Setting Body and Background Attributes
  • Setting Background and Text Colors
  • Web Page Design Guidelines
Adding Links to other Internet Services
  • Links to Non-Web Internet Services
  • Overview of what’s new in HTML5
  • Current browser / platform support
  • Importance of the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Using the new HTML5 Tags
  • Defining page structure using the new HTML 5 tags
  • New HTML5 Elements
  • Embedding rich content with multimedia elements
CSS-Types of Style Sheets
Inheritance and Cascading Order
  • Inheritance
  • Conflicting Styles
  • Specificity
Formatting Text and Fonts
  • Font Families
  • Font Size
  • Kerning, Leading, and Indenting
Formatting Colors and Backgrounds
  • The Color Attribute
  • The Background Attribute
  • Background Colors and Images
Exploring CSS Class and ID Attributes
  • Defining The CSS Class Attribute
  • Defining The CSS ID Attribute
Create Your Own HTML Tags
  • HTML Span and DIV Tags
  • Creating Block-Level HTML Tags
  • Creating Inline HTML Tags
Positioning Block-Level Elements
  • Relative and Absolute Positioning
  • Formatting The Block-Level Box Model
  • Element Visibility Controls
Introducing The Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Versions Of The Document Object Model
  • Detecting The DOM Version With Java Script
  • Java Script and The DOM

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