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Course Outline
We are living in era of smart phone, to be precise Android phone. If you have decided to pursue Android Application Development Training it will be most smart decision to initiate your IT¬ Software career.

Android is open source OS and Android Development Tool is also open source (it is free of cost). To build an App using these tools is easy and cost effective. Now a days Android Development is in demand and widely used in world. Scope wise it is best choice because in India it is started just few years ago and there is way more to go..

At end of this Android training by VESTA you will be able to,
  • Learn to write Android programs
  • Build an independent Android Application
  • Understand how existing App systems works
  • Work on two industry specific projects
  • Learn how to work with Android to store,retrieve and Implement data
We Expecting Our Students to have a Good Concentration and Grasping power. Then the Educational Eligibility for the Android training in PTC Vesta are given below:

  • Any Graduate / Diploma / ITI / Undergraduates / College students /Engineers & Working professionals with coding background
  • Should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and how the web works.
  • Basic knowledge of OOP and related programming concepts.
JAVA Concepts
  • OOPs Concepts
  • Inheritance in detail
  • Exception handling
  • Packages & interfaces
  • JVM & .jar file extension
  • Multi threading (Thread class & Runnable Interface)
  • DML & DDL Queries in brief
Introduction to Android
  • What is Android?
  • Setting up development environment
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
  • Basic Building blocks Fundamendals
  • UI Components Fundamendals
  • Components for communication Fundamendals
  • Android API levels
Application structure
  • Application Structure (in detail)
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • uses-permission & uses-sdk
  • Resources &
  • Assets
  • Layouts & Drawable Resources
  • Activities and Activity lifecycle
  • First sample Application
  • Emulator-Android Virtual Device
  • Launching emulator
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Emulator shortcuts
  • Logcat usage
  • Introduction to DDMS
  • Second App:- (switching between activities)
  • Develop an app for demonstrating the communication between Intents
  • Basic UI design
  • Form widgets
  • Text Fields
  • Layouts
  • [dip, dp, sip, sp] versus px
  • Preferences
  • SharedPreferences
  • Preferences from xml
  • Examples
  • Menu
  • Option menu
  • Context menu
  • Sub menu
  • menu from xml
  • menu via code
  • Intents (in detail)
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit intents
  • UI design
  • Time and Date
  • Images and media
  • Composite
  • AlertDialogs & Toast
  • Popup
  • Tabs and Tab Activity
Styles & Themes
  • Styles & Themes
  • styles.xml
  • drawable resources for shapes, gradients (selectors)
  • Applying themes via code and manifest file
  • Content Providers
  • SQLite Programming
  • SQLiteOpenHelper
  • SQLiteDatabase
  • Cursor
  • Reading and updating Contacts
  • Reading bookmarks
  • Final details should be viewed in GridView as well as in ListView.
Android Debug
  • Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool
  • Linkify
  • Web URLs, email address, text, map address, phone number
  • MatchFilter & TransformFilter
  • Adapters and Widgtes
  • Adapters
  • ArrayAdapters
  • BaseAdapters
  • ListView and ListActivity
  • Custom listview
  • GridView using adapters
  • Gallery using adapters
  • Notifications
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Services and notifications
  • Toast
  • Alarms
Custom components
  • Custom Tabs
  • Custom animated popup panels
  • Other components
  • Threads
  • Threads running on UI thread (runOnUiThread)
  • Worker thread
  • Handlers & Runnable
  • AsynTask (in detail)
  • Live Folders
  • Using sdcards
  • XML Parsing
  • JSON Parsing
  • Maps, GPS, Location based Services
  • Accessing Phone services (Call, SMS, MMS)
  • Network connectivity services
  • Sensors

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